New apps linking job seekers with employers launched

Founder said youths have skills but struggle to monetise them

In Summary

• Innovations seek to link job seekers with employers amid the rising unemployment

• The unemployment rate doubled during Covid-19 from 5.2 per cent to 10.4 per cent

Girl on phone
Girl on phone
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Thousands of skilled youth are set to benefit from new apps that will make accessing job opportunities easier.

Dubbed Kazi Worker and Kazi-Request Service, the innovations by KaziNow Limited seek to link job seekers and employers as Kenya grapples with rising unemployment.

The latest government data shows the unemployment rate in the country doubled during Covid-19 to 10.4 per cent compared to 5.2 per cent posted before the health pandemic.  

Samuel Munga, the founder of KaziNow Limited, said the idea was generated through interactions with youths from different areas who would state that they have a number of skills but had a challenge in monetising the skills.

"We came up with the Kazi Worker and Kazi-Request Service apps to provide a platform that links them with clients who need their skill.

He said they focus on both lower and higher cadre, giving all job workers an online platform linking skilled individuals with persons who are in need of their services.

"We are in the process of getting an SSD code that would simply allow those without smartphones to get job requests. It is also important to note that Kenya is leading the continent in terms of smartphone and internet usage,'' the firm said in a statement. 

He clarified that there is no registration fee to be part of Kazi Worker App.

One only needs a smartphone and Internet for them to maximise the opportunities available on the platform. 

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