Smart apps to help you kill Covid-19 boredom

In Summary
  • These apps help you live a healthy life as long as you adhere to the routines and are consistent
  • Strava is one of the most popular apps for running and cycling
Strava App

During this time of coronavirus where the movement has been restricted and people forced to work from home, there are a few apps that can help.

Fabulous is one of the apps that helps to track and create routines for you and it is based on the concept of journeys, where each journey allows you to set up a routine in small steps.

The very first habit is simple and small that includes drinking a glass of water upon waking up.

Over time you can add more habits chaining them together to create a complete routine. You can also customise and add habits of your own choice to them.

The app has an alarm that triggers each routine at a time you specify.

It has also added features that allow you to ask other members of the app questions.

It has a library of meditations and exercise routines that come with it. You can trigger the ‘Make Me Fabulous’ button and pick a meditation, a stretching routine and a power nap.

Link square is another application that helps to demonstrate the capabilities of spectrometer. The app can quickly identify objects and show results to the users.

The users can download the applets that contain the necessary information to identify and switch between applets to identify different objects depending on their needs.

It can analyse food for foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella, to determine the sweetness. It can also be used for fraud prevention in substances like alcohol which tends to be mislabeled or diluted.

Strava is one of the most popular apps for running and cycling. It not only records your runs and bicycle rides but creates competitions between you and people who travel the same route.

It clocks your time, distance, speed and other relevant factors about your activities while you are doing them.

The thing that makes Strava popular is competition. Once you have finished, your statistics go into a pool of other stats and ranked among others in the Strava community. Leaderboards are also a big deal in this app as it is sometimes used as a source of motivation.

This app lets you explore segments near you, one of the wonderful features for finding popular places to run and ride your bike when traveling or after moving to a new era.

Since you will be sharing some of your private information on this app, it has privacy settings where you can set a Privacy Zone around your home and work locations within a radius distance of your choosing.

With these apps, you will be able to live a healthy life as long as you adhere to the routines and are consistent.