Telkom launches cloud service to support conference calls and videos

Telkom shop in Nairobi's CBD
Telkom shop in Nairobi's CBD

Telkom has launched a cloud-based fixed voice service for SMEs and corporates allowing unified and lower costs in communication.

The technology, Omniconnect, will enable mobile phone to be used as telephone extension, eliminating security and data management issues. The service will also support conference calls and the have the ability to integrate with email.

Telkom Kenya head of products and solutions Peter Othino said the the solution will help in simplifying processes and call infrastructure for companies facing heavy upfront investments and need to lower the operating costs.


“There are many costs involved with travels for meetings, constant checks on employees and updates on work progress and scale-up costs following addition of operating desks and workforce. Omniconnect will be at the forefront in meting the demand in reduction of the costs," Othino said.

Othino said the cloud-service will also help in recording and retrieving recorded calls through call accounting reporting service, that was provided separately prior to the infrastructure.

The service will be available in offerings including SME option, with five and 20 extensions, third-party mobile application support, and phone features in making and receiving calls, holding, transferring, voicemail and parking.

The corporate option, which services a minimum of 20 extensions, provides call recording and video-conferencing on the silver tier.

Customers investing in the gold tier will enjoy the same benefits, plus voicemail to email, video calling, web collaboration, Office 365/Outlook integration and conference bridge.

Telkom Hosted PBX service is powered by global technology company Avaya.