How COVID-19 challenges our concept of wealth

Financial literacy is vital to sustained success

In Summary

•Money is not the whole story of wealth and success

•Financial success is only one aspect of wealth and wealth is broader than money.

2020 has been crazy, to say the least – and its only April. COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has brought the world to a standstill; the pandemic has changed our world forever. Now, there is economic pressure globally because the wealth structures that many people relied on has collapsed. Wealth is being redefined due to COVID-19. These are interesting times.

Before the Corona Virus, people were generally focused on money as wealth – throw in power and fame and we have the perfect mix. Our common pursuit is money – for many, it defines everything. For those who subscribe to this thinking, money defines their perspective, values, and approach to life – relationships are built based on money and every waking moment is spent chasing money. But now, the money perspective on life is being challenged by the Corona Virus.

Don’t get me wrong, money is an important tool – and it is a subject that should be studied and mastered. Financial literacy is vital to sustained success. However, money is not the whole story of wealth and success. Financial success is only one aspect of wealth. Please note that: wealth is broader than money.

COVID-19 has revealed that many people have less than robust lives and a narrow view of wealth. True wealth is your ability to create a robust, healthy, enjoyable life that is centered on your life’s purpose. Money is only one part of the equation. To give you a robust picture of wealth, I will introduce you to the work of Jon and Missy Butcher, the authors of Life Book. They argue that a wholistic life comprises of 12 key categories. I believe that this is a good picture of true wealth.

Based on Life Book, I’ve deduced that true wealth covers success in 12 dimensions of life and they are: Health & Fitness, Intellectual Life, Emotional Life, Character, Spiritual Life, Love Relationship, Parenting, Social Life, Career, Finance, Quality of Life and Life Vision. This is the picture of true wealth. Finance is only one of the 12 elements.

Post COVID-19 will usher in a new, interesting world where we will have to dig deep within ourselves to find the knowledge that we need to build true wealth – a wholesome life. One that is healthy and truly enriching in every way. It’s time to build the kind of wealth that doesn’t deplete other areas of your life. The pandemic will end. When it does, let a new, wholesome you rise in true wealth.

Be safe.

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