The Power of an Idea

In Summary

•It’s easy to take ideas for granted because we see them as just thoughts

•The secret to unlocking the power of an idea is belief

Grand Challenge call for innovations
Grand Challenge call for innovations
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Everything starts with an idea – a thought. Everything. The land is bare until someone thinks of building on it. Uber didn’t exist until the founders thought of it. You didn’t show up until two people thought of a union. An idea starts everything. Now, that’s powerful.

It’s easy to take ideas for granted because we see them as just thoughts. Sometimes we forget the power that is unleashed when we embrace an idea. Adolf Hitler embraced an evil idea and unleashed hell on Europe as he killed millions of Jews. Barack Obama embraced the idea of becoming the president of the United States of America and became the nation’s 44th president, against all odds. An idea can start a chain reaction that will produce results (positive or negative) beyond your wildest dreams.

The secret to unlocking the power of an idea is: belief. Every successful person who has made an impact on the world strongly believed in an idea. That belief became the driving force for action. Please note that: nothing happens if an idea isn’t believed. But, once belief meets an idea, action is the result. If you truly believe in an idea, you will act on it. Where there is no action, there is no belief.

When belief is established in an idea, something interesting begins to happen. The idea starts unfolding before you. That’s one reason people say that “one thing led to another” once they subscribed to an idea. Every idea is a journey. Once you believe it, the journey begins. Suddenly you go places you didn’t imagine you would and meet people with whom you never thought you would associate. An idea (good or bad) takes you on a trip. So that ultimately, the big question is: where do you want to go?

One quality that makes ideas powerful is alignment. An idea has the power to line up the people, places and resources that you need to make it happen. Once you believe in the idea, once you embrace the thought, the alignment process begins. And one alignment leads to another until the idea is achieved. This process keeps your conviction strong until the idea is done.

Ideas hold our life stories. Each idea is a frame. And our lives unfold frame by frame; idea by idea. One idea opens up an aspect of our story and connects with another idea that opens up another frame. So that ultimately: an idea is your life – it has your story.

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