Collaborative Work Pays

Without collaboration, many businesses won’t meet up.

In Summary

•Those who truly understand the state of the globe do not want to work alone

Personality at work
Personality at work

The fantasy of being a superhero and saving others is one driving force in the workplace. The superhero complex manifests in people who want to shine alone and often, they have difficulties working in teams. They want to be seen and recognized as the person who saved the day. Interestingly, trying to be a superhero can be a disadvantage.

The complexity of global issues has driven smart people to want to work with others – sometimes, across great distances and varying disciplines. Thankfully, technology aids this practice.

Those who truly understand the state of the globe do not want to work alone. They push for collaborative work because the benefits are huge. That way, they can handle the pressures that come with complex global issues.

Although, some people are yet to get the memo on how collaboration works. They still believe that they can work and achieve great heights alone.

These people do the best within their capacity and eventually, begin to suffer the effects of being a lone-ranger in the twenty-first century.

Normally, they struggle and seldom scale their effort. But collaboration is a much better way because you get to enjoy these three benefits.

Meet Deadlines: More than ever, deadlines are important. The nature of global exchange has made the local business a global one.

Hence, the local business now deals with global demands. This means that many businesses are pressed for time and deadlines are increasingly important.

So, businesses now seek ways to meet deadlines and one good strategy to achieve this goal is collaboration across industries and locations.

Without collaboration, many businesses won’t meet up.

Faster Results: Collaboration means that you have access to the resources of those with whom you partner.

This increases your capacity to perform and this means faster results. Here, the lone-ranger is greatly disadvantaged.

But effective business leaders understand that speed now means that you have to work with others around the world to achieve your business goals. This is one way to be effective in the twenty-first century.

Close Knowledge Gaps: This is one beauty of collaboration. You get access to information and can quickly close product/process knowledge gaps.

Your partners know something that you don’t and information sharing would diminish your ignorance and boost your capacity.

The exponential technological advancement that we have seen globally in the last 50years has been largely due to more collaborative work across sectors around the world.

This effort constantly closes the knowledge gaps and does produce the benefits of synergy.

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