How to take care of yourself – one day at a time

In Summary

•Yoga is literally connecting our mind, body, and soul to find balance and harmony within.

•Add in mindfulness or meditation, sit with ourselves and find a connection in the present, we start to reduce stress.

Rachana Amlani.
Rachana Amlani.

Life takes us in so many directions daily. How do we discern where to direct our time and energy, how much to give and when to take a step back? Are we able to go inwards as a form of self-care and tune in to what we need, day to day, moment to moment and honour those needs accordingly?

Yoga, as much as it comes with fancy leggings and pretzel-like shapes and contortions, is much more than that. It is literally connecting our mind, body, and soul to find balance and harmony within – allowing us to take life head-on without distractions and burnouts as we are prone to do. Add in mindfulness or meditation, sit with ourselves and find a connection in the present, we start to reduce stress and anxiety, build resilience within, expand our windows of tolerance to the ups and downs of life and learn to take action based on the present rather than past or future-oriented views.

We don’t need to be signing up for those exotic out of the way retreats or join a monthly challenge or courses to reap the benefits daily. It starts with one small habit, action, changes taken wherever you are as you are.

I used to be a super anxious person, always ruminating on the past and would fret over the future – leaving me disconnected from what was actually happening now. I found yoga and through the physical movement, mindful breathing, and multiple meditative techniques, I found myself reconnecting with my body and mind in a wholesome, easily accessible, and intentional/conscious manner.

Here are some daily tips and actions you can take any time you feel overwhelmed, disconnected, overthinking, or just need to take a wellness minute for yourself. These can be practiced daily as part of your morning routine too – even 5 minutes a day is enough. Meet yourself where you are and start there.

  • Every morning, before getting out your devices and to-do lists, take a few deliberate, slow breaths. Notice how that feels. With time, increase the time spent on this intentional breathing and start to notice how you go about your day with more ease and calmness.
  • As part of the morning ritual, you can also add in a gratitude meditation or simply think of/list down/meditate on 3 – 5 things you are grateful for that day. Simple as saying – I am grateful for my breath. I am grateful for this coffee. I am grateful for the sunshine. If you like, you can use this as a way to start journaling too.
  • Find a way to move – every single day. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or sweaty or an hour long. Take the stairs instead of the lift, park further, and find ways to increase your steps. If you can, get a 10-15 min yoga flow in at lunchtime or just before bed. Experiment. Move your body in any way that feels good for you. It will thank you.
  • Find ways to spend time in nature – simply observing the sunrise or sunset. Take a walk in the neighborhood or local park/forest, tend to the flowers and pots you may have in your home. It is a beautiful way to stay grounded and connect to mother earth at the moment mindfully.
  • Lastly, and definitely not the least, take a moment every day and remind yourself you are enough. As you are, where you are and who you are becoming – you are enough.

There are so many mindful moments we can incorporate into our daily routines, and when done habitually, they no longer feel like chores – they become a part of your lifestyle. Would you like to learn more about mindful breathing, meditations, and movements on and off your mats? I would love to connect and share with you ways to incorporate yoga and mindfulness as a part of your lifestyle.

Rachana Amlani is a yoga and meditation teacher and Reiki practitioner. She holds both online and in person sessions for vinyasa yoga and yin yoga as well as private sessions.

You can find her services at Holding Space Ke on social media. Reach out by email: [email protected].

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