Soldier Frizzah reveals how men disappeared in her life after she took up boxing

Frizzah said she is currently focused on the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

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•According to the Kenya Defence Forces officer, her current occupation as a soldier, paired with her love of the sport, appears to be deterring potential husbands.

•Frizzah is adamant that as a boxer, she would never pick a fight with anyone and has urged men who like her to make their move without hesitating.

Frizzah Anyango in Radio Jambo Studies last week
Frizzah Anyango in Radio Jambo Studies last week

Frizzah Anyango, a Hit Squad welterweight pugilist, has complained that males have avoided her since she began boxing.

According to the Kenya Defence Forces officer, her current occupation as a soldier, paired with her love of the sport, appears to be deterring potential husbands.

"Maybe they're frightened I'll turn angry and beat them up if there's a misunderstanding," Friza explained.

"What makes them even timider is the fact that I'm a soldier and they worry I might come back home armed to finish them off in case of a disagreement."

Frizzah is adamant that as a boxer, she would never pick a fight with anyone and has urged men who like her to make their move without hesitating.

"I yearn to be in a relationship. I want to be loved like any other woman and potentially settle down and have children," Frizzah explained.

"Boxers are typically urged to keep out of trouble and avoid physical conflicts with others. This is because we are capable of causing major bodily injury in a battle," Frizzah stated.

Frizzah Anyango shows how it is done
Frizzah Anyango shows how it is done

Frizzah is one of 13 national team female boxers pounding furiously on the bag at the Mathare Depot ahead of this year's World Championships, which will be held from March 15 to 25 in New Delhi, India.

"Since I began boxing, I've had difficulty finding a partner. Several men have approached me for a date only to depart once they found out what I do," Frizzah bemoaned.

The welterweight fighter revealed how she overcame naysayers to reach her current position.

"Some would tell me that my head would be pounded until my brain gets damaged. I remember a friend once told me that I was too old to consider boxing. That it was necessary to begin participating in the sort order to learn the fundamentals," Friza explained.

Frizzah went on to say that she had to run away from home to engage in the sport she had grown to love because her father was overly protective. He was hesitant to let her daughter spend a single night away from home, claiming that it was unusual for a girl to do so.

"One day I just left the house without informing my father I was going to be away for a week attending a competition. I packed my items after dad had departed for work and I requested my sister to notify him that I would be gone for a week."

It wasn't until her father saw her with money that he changed his tune and let her pursue her dreams without limits.

"My father was having none of it. He didn't agree to the concept until he started seeing money come in," Friza stated.

"So rigid was my father that we didn't even schedule any parties at home to celebrate the festive seasons.

Frizzah Anyango talking to national coach Benjamin Musa
Frizzah Anyango talking to national coach Benjamin Musa

"When others were having fun out there, our father took advantage of the chance to seat us for a family discussion. We would be invited to express our actual sentiments and settle any family problems that may have developed."

Frizzah was inspired by some uplifting statements made by her brother during one of these get-togethers.

"The family gatherings were not for naught. My brother told us during one of the sessions that each of us had the capacity to ascend to greatness at the correct time. Every time I think about his words, I pledge to pursue my dreams regardless of the obstacles that may arise."

"His inspiring comments instilled in me a great will to accomplish. I used to get up early in the morning and go jogging. Many people who saw me toil wondered what was wrong with me, but I held on to my faith and belief and pressed on."

Frizzah said resilience and determination to succeed propelled her to her goal, landing her a dream job in the military in the process. That was after she had attempted numerous other careers, including working as a disc jockey, to no result.

"At first, I aspired to be a DJ and even started training as one. But I became disheartened when I realized I could only make a pittance from the engagements we did. I was given as low as Sh1000 every night, which I believed was insufficient to cover my basic needs.

"I would have been content with collecting at least Sh5,000 because that would have kept me afloat," Frizzah remarked.

She opted to leave deejaying because, aside from not being financially rewarding, it also kept her at odds with her father.

Frizzah Anyango in full boxing gear
Frizzah  Anyango in full boxing gear

She eventually found a permanent home in the world of boxing after struggling for recognition in showbiz and a variety of other activities.

"I owe a lot to boxing because, without it, I wouldn't have secured a job in the armed forces," she explained.

She challenged aspiring boxers and other young people who want to achieve something meaningful in life to be focused and not give up.

"Success does not come on a silver platter. It took me seven years to figure out what I wanted to do. To achieve our life goals, we must exercise a tremendous lot of patience."

"It is recommended that you pursue your interest. If I had listened to my father or friends, I would have stopped boxing long ago," Frizzah explained.

"I'm not urging children to disregard their parents' recommendations. It is true that what an elder sees when sitting, a toddler cannot see even while standing. But that doesn't imply we should give up our dreams just to please our parents."

Frizzah believes at some point in life, one must be bold enough to pick a specific path, regardless of the repercussions.

"You must also be determined to travel the trip alone, despite the hardships that may emerge from time to time. Simply live your life and trust the process. You should let others live their life. With determination and relentless effort, you may eventually attain your life goals," Frizzah said.

Frizzah quickly realized that success presents even more hurdles than failure. Few people were pleased with her accomplishments, and friends quickly became adversaries.

"That may sound strange, but I started losing friends the instant they realised I was successful. Many individuals appear to want you to stagnate in life, and when they see you succeed, they become jealous and unhappy for you," Frizzah explained.

The pugilist is encouraging girls to empower themselves through sports, adding that it pays well.

"Just ensure you have a source of income for your own security such that you may be in a position to fend for yourself if things don't work out in marriage.

"It's quite unfortunate that there are women who move from one marriage to another in search of financial security. That should not be the case. Women should not rely on men so much that they find themselves totally stuck in the mud if their relationships fail."

Frizzah said she is currently focused on the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

"I'm working hard to secure a spot in the Olympics. It is my ultimate ambition. It's something I've always wanted to do, and this is my finest chance yet," Friza explained.

Frizzah Anyango cooling down after training
Frizzah Anyango cooling down after training

Her immediate focus, however, is on the World Championships in New Delhi, India, where she will be making her international debut.

"We are sure of a fantastic performance in India, and I hope to win a medal."

Frizzah revealed that legendary American pugilist Floyd Mayweather has always been an influence on her. She claims she is smitten with him, and one day she slid into his DM to deliver a passionate message.

"I recall texting Mayweather once and telling him how much I like him and want to meet him, but he never responded to my message."

She wishes to share the stage alongside Claressa Shields in the near future.

Shields is the only boxer in history, male or female, to hold all four major world titles in boxing—WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO—in two weight divisions at the same time.

Throughout her illustrious amateur career, she won gold medals in the women's middleweight division at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, becoming the first American boxer to do it.

Frizzah feels that age is still on her side and that she will be able to dance in the boxing ring for a long time if she eventually chooses to join the pro ranks. "I want to go pro and compete for at least ten years," she stated.

Frizza stated unequivocally that if she had to choose between military service and boxing, she would choose the latter.

"I know it would be difficult for me to enter the professional ranks because I am already in the military, but I love boxing so much that I would gladly abandon the army to pursue it."


Frizzah Anyango in Radio Jambo Studios
Frizzah Anyango in Radio Jambo Studios