Kiprop focuses on record

Paralympian Kiprop eyes world record in FrankFurt

In Summary

• The all-round runner promised good results in World Championships

Double Africa Paralympics champion Rodgers Kiprop is eyeing world record at this year’s Frankfurt Marathon.

The Mt. Elgon Running Club blind runner scooped double gold at the Marrakech Grand Prix in Morocco, winning gold in 1,500m and 5,000m as he prepared for the World Championships in Dubai in September.

Speaking over the weekend during North Rift Athletics Championships in Kitale, Kiprop under the guidance of Alfa Kaling’a Kisa and Coach Edwin Kibet, exuded confidence that he hopes to register good results despite the tight schedule.

“I want to first break the world record in Frankfurt on my way to 2020 Paralympic Games. I have had good training with my able coach and I hope to enjoy the good run this season,” said Kiprop. “My the best time in the marathon is 2:38.00 but I want to bring it down with a world record. This has always been my dream all through my career,” said Kiprop.

The all-round runner promised good results in World Championships, Paralympic Games and the Frankfurt Marathon. “Kenyans should brace up for good results in all my assignments. I know I have what takes to win gold in my specialities and I will not disappoint,” added Kiprop who enjoys a 15:35 best time in 5,000m and 4:13 in 1,500m race. His guide Kisa said he has to train more than Kiprop to ensure they win in each race they compete. “As a guide, I have to work extra hard compared to him because he is too strong and to guiding him, I have to be at my best,” said Kisa. “The guide is the face of the runner and I have to do my best to enable him to win,” added Kisa.

Their coach Kibet, the winner of 2011 Belgrade marathon exuded confidence in his athletes saying they have partnered well so far.