Why 'Machachari' actor Baha married young

The death of his mum left a huge void in his heart

In Summary

• Baha said he needed that source of family and the only way was to make one

Georgina with actor Baha
Georgina with actor Baha

Machachari actor Kamau Mbaya, aka Baha, says he started a family at a young age since he was lonely after his mum died.

Speaking in a YouTube interview with Hiram Maina, Baha said he needed that source of family and the only way was to make one.

The actor and his girlfriend Georgina have one child together.

"I am not yet married. Harusi mtaiona, but I decided to settle down early. I'm with my girlfriend, we have a beautiful bouncing baby," he said.

Baha lost his mother, Beth Nyambura, in 2013 after a long battle with cancer. At the time, Baha was in Form 1 in Nairobi School. 

"This is my opinion, guys, and I am not telling people to settle early. I made my name early," he said.

"I grew out and you start to look within yourself, you want to do better things, you want to change. So I was at that point and I saw my mum had left a huge void in my heart."

He said the death of his mother impacted him so much, leading to the decision. 

She pushed him into the arts after seeing his talent.

"She taught me the ropes to move around. I looked up to her acting skills," he said, adding that to refine his skills, he studied film online and launched his YouTube channel.

He wanted to be a scientist, lawyer and journalist since he saw the prestige in it.

"It looked cool, but then when I got into high school, I got reality," he said.

"Initially, I wanted to be a lawyer. I did well in the relevant subjects, humanities and languages nilikuwa top."

But his love for acting was bigger. So he dove right into it. He found fame on the TV series 'Machachari' in 2010, when the first episode aired.

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