Adapt or perish, Huddah tells protesters

Cost of living is a global problem and will only get worse, she said

In Summary

• She said people should start embracing new survival tactics or risk being left behind

Socialite Huddah Monroe
Socialite Huddah Monroe

Socialite Huddah Monroe has wondered why people are protesting against the high cost of living.

The businesswoman said the whole world is in crisis and people should find survival tactics or risk being left behind.

Huddah said the situation is only going to get worse, asking her followers to brace themselves for tough times ahead.

"You either learn new survival tactics or die. There's no option. It's just the beginning and it's getting worse!" Huddah wrote on Instagram.

Her comments came just hours after Kenya and South Africa staged 'peaceful' demonstrations over the high cost of living.

A few months ago, Huddah advised her fans about living a minimalist lifestyle.

She regretted going overboard by living in a five-bedroom house to please her social media 'in-laws'.

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