Why Yvette Obura will forever be in Bahati's life

She denied clinging, said she can't help him being kid's dad

In Summary

• Mama Mueni said she has moved on but people will keep seeing her in Bahati's life

Bahati's baby Mama Yvette Obura
Bahati's baby Mama Yvette Obura

Bahati's baby mama Yvette Obura says she only engages the artiste because he is the father of her child.

In a recent live session on TikTok, Mama Mueni said she has moved on but people will keep seeing her in Bahati's life.

On the live video, Yvette was asked if she had seen the new song by Diana Marua, 'Kurudi Soko'.

She admitted that she had watched it. 

"I have seen the song but I am not dating Bahati," she said, adding that she is in another relationship.

"My boyfriend is Kamba. Si Bahati pekee yake ni Mkamba. Stop saying I am stuck in Bahati's life yet he is a married man. My God! I have been dating for two years."

She said the fact that he is her baby daddy means she cannot evade being in his life. 

"Ati nimekwamilia baba ya wenyewe! Sijamkwamilia. Si ni baba wa mtoto wangu, sasa nitafanya?" she said. 

Yvette's statement comes a few weeks after Diana disclosed why Mueni no longer lives with her and subtly insinuated Yvette was the cause of the problem. 

Earlier on, an online fan warned Diana Marua against being too open to Bahati's baby mama, Yvette.

She said if Diana is not careful, Mama Mueni would end up getting another baby with her ex-lover Bahati

"Diana, I repeat… you will regret it, just a matter of time, her secondborn will be Bahati's kid once again," the fan wrote.

Responding to the post, Diana told the fan to mind her business, adding that children are a blessing.

"Fagia kwako. Watoto ni Baraka ama?(Sweep your house. Are kids not a blessing?)" Diana responded.

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