Creatives need insurance, says Mogore

The 'Matendo Makuu' singer says pandemic was a wake-up call

In Summary

• He quoted the millions Mariah Carey used to insure her voice

Gospel singer Dan Mogore
Gospel singer Dan Mogore

Singer and event organiser Dan Mogore has advised fellow creatives to get insurance policies as the music industry grows. 

"Experiences from the Covid-19 pandemic, which struck the globe, awakened the need for cover when things go south," he told Word Is yesterday.

"Even the best-laid plans go awry. Apart from global catastrophes, the need for proper insurance is not a new thing and has been in the making for years."

He said from the establishment of Hollywood, the Broadway theatres to the establishment of home studios in every part of the globe, the need for insurance policies has been growing.

"Entertainment insurance provides a range of coverage to the policyholder, which may be customised according to the need of the policyholder," he said.

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