Nasra fumes at marriage 'scam'

She is however open to polygamy, saying it is natural and legal

In Summary

• Comedian endured misery in her five-year marriage, says 'men will always be men' 

Ex-couple Rashid and Nasra
Ex-couple Rashid and Nasra
Image: courtesy

Churchill show comedian Nasra now claims that marriage is a scam.

Speaking in an interview with 'KulaCooler' Show, she said, "Men will always be men." 

In November, the Churchill comedian made it public that she is no longer married to her long-term husband director Rashid.

Nasra expressed how she had fought for the relationship with her all to the point where she lost her family members, friends and got constant criticism from society. 

She did not clearly state the reason why the two separated.

The two ex-lovers had been together for five years. 

In the interview, Nasra also said she is open to polygamy.

"I wouldn't mind if my husband had a second wife, men were born polygamous," she said.

"Ladies shouldn't mind, the Kenyan constitution has allowed men to marry a second wife. Men can love two women and more at the same time."

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