Size 8 celebrates her two children

She has had to fight high blood pressure to give birth

In Summary

• Size 8 has had a history of pregnancy complications due to high blood pressure

DJ Mo and his wife Size 8
DJ Mo and his wife Size 8

Gospel singer Linet Munyali, alias Size 8, has celebrated her two children.

Speaking on social media on Sunday, she said there was a big story behind her giving birth to her children that not many were aware of. 

She said her kids are alive and healthy, something that is a great miracle done by the Almighty.

 "Oh! My heart is full of gratitude to the highest God, my Father, through Jesus Christ, for his power in my life," she said.

"Not many know my story when it comes to giving birth to children, but the few who know the stories of these two children know that their being alive is a great miracle of God.

Size 8's two children with her husband DJ Mo are a seven-year-old girl Ladasha and four-year-old Muraya Jr. 

In 2018, Size 8 got pregnant with her second child but unfortunately lost her unborn baby after months of enduring a complicated pregnancy.

Her son Muraya Jnr was born in 2019 through a Caesarean section after she developed serious complications.

In 2021, Size 8 also got pregnant but suffered a miscarriage the same year.

In an interview last year, she revealed that she had been battling high blood pressure for five years.

Size 8 said her husband DJ Mo has been an important pillar in her struggle with high blood pressure.

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