Chipukeezy slams constant links to ex Kibanja

He learned the hard way not to publicise his relationships

In Summary

• The socialite trended after pictures of her holidaying in Dubai with a mystery man

Comedian Chipukeezy takes a selfie with Frasha and Kibanja
Comedian Chipukeezy takes a selfie with Frasha and Kibanja
Image: Moses Mwangi

Comedian Chipukeezy and his ex-girlfriend Kibanja are good friends. Chipukeezy now wants people to stop seeing him as her ex-lover.

The socialite trended earlier this week after pictures of her in Dubai on vacation with a mysterious man.

Chipukeezy told SPM Buzz, "Give her space and respect to live her life, si ukimwona, unaniona," he said.

Chipukeezy said he will not publicise the woman he is dating. 

He said he has learnt a lesson from going public about his dating life in the past.

"Public figures don't have to tell people about their privacy. I've learnt and my relationship moving forward is private, issues zangu na mabibi zangi ni issues zangu."

The comedian said it is difficult it is to date in Kenya nowadays. 

"There is love when you have the money."

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