Kate Actress has 'expensive' style

She told off trolls, saying not everyone can afford it

In Summary

• Kate made headlines for her outstanding dress-code at the Wakanda movie Premiere

Kate Actress
Kate Actress

Kate Actress has encouraged her fans to embrace positive criticism to celebrities online.

Kate made headlines last week for her outstanding dress-code at the 'Wakanda' movie Premiere.

She told fans it has been a long journey for her to be able to buy expensive clothes for red-carpet events.

"I think people don't understand how much effort we put just to create an outfit to go to an event," she said.

"If I am lucky to afford the outfits, I did not start there. It took me a journey to understand my style and what is needed of me. It is a whole process. It feels so bad that someone has put a lot of effort then they end up being trolled."

She encouraged celebrities to wear what they can afford.

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