'Speak Their Names' revisits witch history

Nini Wacera leads the cast that will act in the play

In Summary

• The play will be staged at the Muthaiga and at Peponi Preparatory School 

Nini Wacera
Nini Wacera

Award-winning playwright Silvia Cassini is launching her play, 'Speak Their Names', on Friday.

The play tells of a modern Italian playwright who gets drawn into the defence of women charged 400 years earlier with witchcraft.

As he works to uncover and relate their story, his dreams are invaded by victims, and his own life is thrown into turmoil.

Silvia said the narrative explores the suppression of the names, voices and experiences of those persecuted women and their struggles across the centuries.

"It speaks to more than Europe’s sad history of witch-hunting instead offering a vehicle of salvation in retrieving the names of all the women whose suffering is never told as those who persecute them seek to obliterate their traces."

The cast includes Brian Ogola, Nini Wacera, Martin Kigondu, Matthew Ondiage and Nixsa Shah.

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