Matata releases 'Super Morio' album

‘Super Morio’ is a Kenyan slang for ‘ghetto superhero’

In Summary

• The album highlights their victories and struggles in the industry

Music group Matata
Music group Matata

First-rising music group Matata has released their anticipated debut album Super Morio following their successful run with hit singles and videos.

The album was inspired by their Kenyan heritage, highlighting their victories and struggles in the industry.

The 15-track album portrays Matata’s unique and distinct sound that mixes English and Swahili with melodies and rhythms from different tribes of Kenya.

Speaking about the album, Matata said that was a dream come true.

"We never imagined one day featuring our mothers in one of our songs."

"Naysayers told us that making a living off as an artiste was an unrealistic dream, our mothers saw the vision.

"Unbowed by physical boundaries, diverse in musicality and unified in art, we are doing what we love because of their reassurance."

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