Why Rotimi is dating Vanessa Mdee

He said African women understand how to treat a man and be submissive

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• Rotimi described African women as submissive

Actor Rotimi with Vanessa Mdee
Actor Rotimi with Vanessa Mdee

American-based Nigerian actor Rotimi has explained why he is in a relationship with an African woman.

Rotimi is engaged to Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee, with whom he has a son.

Speaking in an interview with The Pivot Podcast, Rotimi described African women as submissive.

"When you have an African woman, you get a woman who is cautious about our understanding of how to treat a man and how to be submissive," he said.

Rotimi said besides Vanessa being beautiful, she also knows how and when to be tough. 

"It's just a balance that is hard to find and I don't say you don't get that in American women, but a lot of African women are made to be queens in their minds and also to be great wives."

Yesterday, the couple celebrated their son Seven's first birthday.

Vanessa showered her son with praise as she thanked God for blessing her with a son.

"My baby, you’re a divine gift and I am honoured to be your Mama. Thank you for being our biggest blessing," she wrote.

Rotimi also described his wife as a strong woman.

The couple is allegedly planning to hold a white wedding.

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