How submitting saved Size 8's marriage

She says God wanted to change her and not the man

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• She says God wanted to change her and not the man

Size 8 with DJ Mo
Size 8 with DJ Mo
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Singer Size 8 said her gentle spirit has changed her marriage as she has learnt to be submissive.

Speaking on Priscilla Ndanu's YouTube channel, the singer admitted to almost failing her marriage by being loud and aggressive. That's how she thought she would counter her man's ego.

"When I started in marriage, I was like an AK 47. I was worded and God told me how to fight in quietness," she said.

Size 8 sought God to find out what she could do differently. She wasn't happy with the words of God about changing herself.

"God told me I'm not gonna work on your husband, I'm gonna work on you. And I was so offended, I was like, no. God told me to allow me to work on you and through you, the whole house will come to order."

Changing meant being a quiet and graceful woman in marriage.

"So I learnt that submission is not weakness, and a gentle and a quiet spirit when my husband anaruka. Juu, you know how men sometimes their ego... But God told me that is him to deal with me, but you do your part."

Adding, "If your identity is in Christ, you will not have a problem submitting to your husband because you won't feel the need to because you are confident in who you are."

Explaining further about submitting to a husband, Size 8 said, "Submitting does not make you feel anything less."

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