Wema Sepetu's bae pleases her

The lovebirds fed each other cake as they embraced lovingly

In Summary

• Sepetu gushed over singer Whozu, saying her life has changed since she met him

Wema Sepetu and new bae Whozu
Wema Sepetu and new bae Whozu
Image: courtesy

Former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu has unveiled her new lover, singer Whozu.

In a live session on Tuesday night, Sepetu gushed over Whozu, saying he makes her happy.

Videos of Sepetu and Whozu getting cosy also surfaced online.

"For the longest time now, I have been unhappy and he has been keeping me very happy since I met him," she said.

"My happiness comes first. Only God knows how happy I am."

In a video shared by Tanzanian media, the two lovebirds were seen feeding each other cake as they embraced lovingly.

Earlier on, Wema had denied dating Whozu, saying she doesn't plan to reveal her lover online anytime soon.

She said singer Whozu was like a brother to her, adding that she feels safe when she is around male friends than female friends.

"Whozu and I have been friends for too long. I have been helping to save his marriage," she said.

"I have heard accusations about me dating him but I will not stop being his friend. He is a good person and a good friend. I support his music as well."

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