Size 8 back home after DJ Mo apology

She says it's 'not for a small reason' she left, needed space to calm anger

In Summary

• She was surprised to read the story on Word Is before her friends knew about it

Size 8 with DJ Mo
Size 8 with DJ Mo
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Gospel singer Linet Munyali, alias Size 8 Reborn, has confirmed that she had indeed left her matrimonial home.

Speaking on their YouTube channel, Size 8 said her husband was the reason she had left.

"I ran, I just needed some space to breathe," she said.

"I needed to talk to God because I believe when my emotions are so high and we are under the same roof, we will talk angrily at each other or even treat each other badly. So I had to go and I left."

Over the weekend, Word Is broke the news that the two had separated due to marital disputes.

Size 8 said she was surprised to read the story online as none of their friends knew about it.

"It was not for a small reason and it was for something Mo did, and he has since apologised for it," she said.

DJ Mo said he found the house empty when returning home at around 10-11pm.

"But one thing we know for sure is that we knew no one knew," he said.

DJ Mo said he has since apologised to Size 8, adding that they sat down and resolved the matter with the men of God.

"We came up with a biblical conclusion and understanding, and now we are reconciled back to the marriage because of the grace and mercies of God," Size 8 added.

She advised people not to follow her route but instead seek help.

During a Facebook Live session on Friday, the mother of two told her followers she would lose something she desired in life after a revelation from God.

"I don't know about you but I have gotten a serious revelation in my life. There is something I desired and God gave me," she said.

"And right now, I might stand a chance of losing it if I obey what God wants me to do."

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