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Octopizzo wants fourth wedding

It is out of love to his wife, he says

In Summary

• Octo added that so far, he has done a court wedding, church and traditional


Rapper Octopizzo wants to do a third wedding with his white wife.

He said every time a wife gives a man a child or treats him right, there should be a wedding.

"I did my wedding in December last year," he said.

"I have done three weddings, and there's one remaining. This is because I love my wife.

"Harusi huwa si moja, hio ni labda ya Wakristo wale husema lazima iwe moja. Unaweza fanya harusi kila mwaka ukitaka."

Octo added that so far he has done a court wedding, church and traditional.

He wants to do one in the country his wife comes from.

The rapper said he has dated many women in the past before he found someone who could understand him and give him peace.

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