Nandy dismisses 'evil eye' talk over pregnancy

A fan complained she's exposing too many details online

In Summary

• She reacted angrily over talk showcasing her baby bump would lead to bewitching

Nandy and her bae Bill Nass
Nandy and her bae Bill Nass

Tanzanian singer Nandy does not believe in the evil eye that is perceived to affect women during pregnancy.

Ahead of her delivery, the heavily pregnant artiste told off a fan who asked her to stop showcasing her baby bump.

The fan said Nandy was exposing too many details about her pregnancy online.

She warned her that not all people are happy about the blessing.

"You are not the first one to be pregnant. Continue exposing your pregnancy. You might suffer," the fan, identified as Donleo836, wrote.

Nandy asked the fan to stop wishing bad things about people.

"Take away your bad faiths from me. Those are witchcraft and I don't believe in that. You think everyone can be bewitched? Do it far from me."

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