Rising star Iman releases 'Nisugue'

He said it is one of the best songs he has recorded so far

In Summary

• It is about convincing a girl to be your lady

Singer Iman
Singer Iman

Fast-rising music star Iman has released a new single, ‘Nisugue'. Speaking about the track, Iman said 'Nisugue' is a joyful song.

"The song has a bad boy hype, approaching a beautiful girl and trying to convince her to be my lady," he said.

"[The title] came from the pre-chorus, whereby the word made the chorus more catchy. So it was all about completing the melody and making it rhyme."

He said the song has "a lot of English". "That had me play a lot with how I was executing the melodies. Let's say it was a new challenge to me," Iman said.

The song has also made him him realise the importance of transitioning in music and being diverse in the music industry.

Iman has promised to release more songs, including collabos.