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Betty Kyallo's sister throws lavish baby shower for her dog

Her boyfriend Ken Warui and niece Ivanna were among the guests

In Summary

• Gloria shared the video and photos of the ceremony, congratulating her pet

Betty Kyallo's sister Gloria
Betty Kyallo's sister Gloria
Image: courtesy

Betty Kyallo's younger sister Gloria Kyallo on Saturday organised a baby shower ceremony for her pregnant dog.

Gloria shared the video and photos of the ceremony on her social media, congratulating her pet.

Gloria captioned the posts, “The Girl of the hour. Cheers to celebrating each and every blessing. I love this girl so much. She deserves this and more! Congratulations to my girl Lulu on having her first litter."

From the photos, the setting was undoubtedly an exquisite one, with the theme colours being white and gold.

Gloria also dressed her dog in a pink-colour skirt.

Fans who commented on the photos said celebrities are overdoing, while others praised her for being good to her pet.

Erastus Kamau wrote, "Baby shower for a dog? Are this people humans? Is this normal?"