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Prove love via actions, says Yemi Alade

A lot of people have more talk and less action, Naija star said

In Summary

• Yemi dished out advice while keeping her love life on the low amid Patoranking links

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade
Image: Courtesy

Nigerian superstar Yemi Alade has encouraged her fans to stay with people they love and not force relationships.

Yemi in a post on her Insta Stories said most people don't do what is required of them while in love with someone.

"It seems a lot of people have more talk and less action. Love is an action word, so it's important to find a love that gives in return as much as it takes," she said.

"If you find love that isn't meant for you, I'm 'Begging' you to do what's best for you and find a love that you deserve and desire."

Yemi has kept her relationship life private but last year, she was linked to Patoranking.

He shared two photos of the singer with the caption, ‘Mon bebe’, which means, ‘My baby’.