Betty Kyallo would not dump a man for cheating

Heartbreaks 'character-developed' her to judge deeper things, like lies

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• Betty said after several heartbreaks, cheating is not a reason to leave a relationship

Betty Kyallo with her ex-lover, Nick Ndeda
Betty Kyallo with her ex-lover, Nick Ndeda
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Media personality Betty Kyallo would not dump a man for cheating.

Speaking to Word Is during the launch of her reality show, Betty said dishonesty is what would break her relationship.

"You know when I was young, it was cheating, but I think I have been character-developed and I'm like for me, it is very deep things like dishonesty," she said.

Betty added that her man has to treat her well.

"If they don't have the time and the capacity, and I'm not talking about money, the intention to treat somebody well, those are the things that matter to me," she said.

She said although the 'Kyallo Kulture' show is about showcasing the Kyallo sisters' lives behind the scenes and every aspect of it, she is not going to show the man she is dating.

"The previous relationship was too much drama. I was like, I'm done!"

Betty also denied allegations that she has men who sponsor her businesses.

"People have tried to say, 'Oh, she's been sponsored.' But the truth is I am never sponsored. My projects are always sponsored by myself or by my banks, that's it!"

Betty looks forward to launching a beauty product in the near future, describing it as affordable and of high quality.

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