Anto Neosoul releases second album

It offers a peek into a path people take from first sight of their love

In Summary

• Anto said 'Welcome 2 My soul' is a beautifully crafted soulful album

Musician Anto Neosoul
Musician Anto Neosoul

Singer Anto Neosoul has released his second album after eight years.

Speaking about the new project, Anto said, 'Welcome 2 My Soul' is a beautifully crafted soulful album.

"This is a deep dive into the emotions and vulnerabilities of a man in love and heartbreak," he said. 

"This is a journey into the essence of Anto Neosoul. Also a peek into a path that lovers take from the moment one eyes the love of their life.

"The highs, the lows, the mountains and the valleys of love. Told through Anto’s voice."

Anto Neosoul’s sophomore 10-track studio album is the rebirth of a soulful legend. 

Also featured in this album is grammy winner Owuor Arunga. 

Away from singing, Anto has acted in the major pan-African TV show 'Shuga' alongside Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o.