Gengetone star airs frustrations

Ex-Sailors member says only thing record label gave them was phone

In Summary

• Contempt for genre drives his peers to use drugs and lose their minds, he said

Sailor's member Qoco Juma
Sailor's member Qoco Juma
Image: Courtesy

Gengetone artiste Qoco Juma, of the former Sailors Gang, says Kenyans underrated their music genre.

In an interview with Plug TV, Qoco said said frustrations drive the artistes to drugs.

"People have been saying Gengetone music is dead. What I can say is that the people saying that are the same people fighting against our success," he said.

"We are suffering. Don't see a mad person in the streets and start laughing or judging, you should know there is something they have gone through to place them at that level."

Qoco said a record label failed them and the only benefit they received was a phone.

"We have been suffering from way back. We will one day do a song together again," he said.

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