Mbosso would be happy having four women

Already a father with different women, he counts it as greatest joy

In Summary

• In 2020 he said he wanted up to 20 women

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Tanzanian singer Mbosso says he would be haappy to date four women.

The ‘Hodari’ hitmaker wrote, "Having one lover is joyful, imagine how happy you’d be to have four lovers?"

It is not the first time the singer is speaking about having multiple lovers.

In 2020, he said four wives are not enough, he would prefer having up to 20 women.

"If I get even 20 or 10 or 15, I will be good. But to me, four women are too few."

As a Muslim, the singer is allowed to marry four wives. Mbosso is already a father of three kids from different women.

He has a Kenyan baby mama based in Mombasa, his second baby mama died. His third baby mama is Tanzanian.