My baby is safe with our dog, says Grace Ekirapa

It does not feel threatened kid is competing for attention or territory

In Summary

• Fans worried the dog's fur would cause some allergies to their newborn

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa
Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa

Media personality Grace Ekirapa on Sunday shared a video of her newborn baby lying next to their family dog, and fans were concerned about the child's health.

Most of those who commented were of the opinion that the dog's fur would cause some form of allergies to their newborn.

ittietsing said the baby's immunity needs to be protected.

"That fur is not very healthy for the baby. The dog is super cute lakini acheze cheze tu huko mbali na tu-bones twake."

shishnyeks said no matter how well the dog is schooled, she is inviting allergies to her newborn.

Speaking to Word Is, Grace assured her fans that her daughter is safe with their dog.

"Before I got a dog, I knew I would get a baby after some time," she said.

Grace said they consulted and were told if they want to get a baby and a dog, they should get a dog first.

"This is coz if we do the other way round, the dog might not be able to relate with the baby well," she said.

"The dog does not feel threatened that they are competing for attention for the territory. The dog already knows that is its territory.

So you are bringing the child and introducing them to your dog."

Grace added that they have been introducing the dog to their baby even before she was born.

"It's very intentional to do that to allow the dog to feel they are not being replaced," she said.

"We bring Ace (dog) to feel the smell, we made him see baby AJ in the crib while in our room just to check the attention that he will give the baby."

Grace said their dog is protective of their child.

"When a stranger goes to the crib, Ace will jump very fast and stop you. He is sort of protecting our baby. We have been doing it intentionally.

"Being a first-time mum, Grace said she had to do her homework very well. "I didn't grow up with a dog, so I didn't have information about dogs, so I had to learn. It is a relationship that we are creating as new parents."

She said she suffered from sinusitis and allergies before she got her dog. "I have lived with Ace for more than a year and the allergy just disappeared. I think it's coz I got used to the fur," she said.

Grace also added that babies cannot get allergies to dog fur.

"It is not that we are ignorant, but we asked all those questions. People should stop being too paranoid about this."