My ex-husband was abusive, says Ida Alisha

Actress was slapped when she asked him where he had been

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• Ida Alisha met her ex-husband in church, knew him for a year before they married

Actress Idah Alisha
Actress Idah Alisha
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Former Mother-in-Law actress Ida Alisha says she met her abusive ex-husband in church.

Alisha, who recently returned to the country, told Lynn Ngugi on YouTube she knew him for a year before they got married.

"I started seeing the red flags after marriage. Women were calling him at night, asking where he was," she shared.

"I would call the women and demand to know why they were calling my man."

Alisha, who was then 21 years old, said she got married due to pressure in church. She was at the peak of her acting career.

"When I look back, I think we had trauma bonding," she said.

"His dad was very abusive and so was my dad. At the time I did not know much about trauma bonding.

"When you are raised in an abusive relationship, you either become the abuser or the victim."

The actress says she also grew up in an abusive family.

"Growing up, I had some good memories and some not so good. My dad was abusive and so my mum left," she said.

In her marriage, Alisha said the first time her ex-husband assaulted her was after she asked him where he had been.

He slapped her.

Another time, he beat her because a male fan had said hi to her while in town.

"He beat me and told me that I had started straying," she said.

"There is a day my two girlfriends and I had gone out. Immediately we got to the venue, he called us back. On getting home, he beat me in front of my friends, but that day I fought back."

Alisha said she kept hoping he would change as she was afraid she would stress her mum if she knew.

She eventually left when the abuse persisted and she said she is still overcoming the trauma.

Alisha relocated from the country and has since found love again.