Actress Nice Githingi dating many partners

Nice said she embraces being in an open relationship

In Summary

• She said she is finding herself better

Nice Githinji
Nice Githinji

Actress and producer, Nice Githinji, is currently in a romantic relationship with multiple partners.

The veteran actress told Buzz Central she embraces being in an open relationship.

"My partners may not know, but I am not lying that they are the only ones," she said.

"I am not big on commitments and ownership. I have a very big heart that has the capability of loving several people at the same time."

Nice said she is finding herself better.

"I have been dating since I was 18 years and everyone I dated, we lived together and stayed not less than three years," she said.

"It was like moving from one marriage to another. I was in a string of marriages, and now I am trying to find out who I am." 

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