Sh140m mansion not mine, says Eric Omondi

Reversal comes despite showing off title deed last year

In Summary

• The flamboyant house in which he shot 'Wife Material' serves as an Airbnb home

Comedian Eric Omondi
Comedian Eric Omondi
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Eric Omondi has denied owning a Sh141 million mansion in Karen, which he had told fans is his.

"That Karen mansion is not mine, but I took girls there for two weeks," he said in a recent press conference.

Last year, the comedian gave the press a tour of the mansion, in which he later shot his 'Wife Material' show.

At the time, Omondi showed a title deed in his name that was stamped on September 7, 2021. 

He went on to say he had worked for 14 years to own a mansion like that.

"This is nothing. If you went to America, Kevin Hart owns five houses. The American culture believes that hard work pays."