Kabi Wa Jesus slowly bonding with his daughter

He took up the role once DNA test confirmed he is the father

In Summary

• Currently limited to responsibilities like school, they are yet to hang out as a family

Celebrity couple Milly wa Jesus and Kabi wa Jesus
Celebrity couple Milly wa Jesus and Kabi wa Jesus
Image: Moses Mwangi

Milly Wa Jesus has opened up on how dramatic her life has been after her husband drew controversy over siring a child with his cousin.

Speaking to Word Is, the mother of one said life has seasons.

"There is a time when you are up and things are going well, other times you are down and they are not going as planned," she said.

"You just have to trust in God, he is going to take you through every season and there is something to learn from every season.

Milly said she accepted to be a step mum although it has been hard.

"We have met a couple of times and I think, it is not as easy, because there is that time we are supposed to see her so I let her bond with the dad," she said.

"The few times I have met with her is when we are doing the official things like taking her to school, looking for a school, and so on. But if you are asking like a family outing having fun, no, we haven't gotten there yet. But we are hoping to do that soon, hopefully."

People say Kabi Wa Jesus is more of a social media father. Defending him, Milly said once he was certain that he was the father after a DNA test, Kabi took up the role.

"He may not come out to explain it but he does a lot and that is why recently, he came out to say what he does."