Nandy: I did not sleep with Alikiba

Fans assume a lot of things, she said

In Summary

• The video raised eyebrows considering she was engaged and Alikiba married

AliKiba with Nandy
AliKiba with Nandy

Tanzanian singer Nandy did not have an intimate affair with Alikiba.

Speaking to Word Is, Nadia addressed her steamy music video with Alikiba on their 'Nibakishie' song.

"I think fans would assume a lot of things because they've never seen me and Alikiba together in such an intimate way, and we were just two in the video," she said.

"It would have been very boring if it was a little bit normal and we had to follow the script and act like we were in love."

She is engaged to fellow musician Bill Nass. On why she does not wear her engagement ring, Nandy said it was stolen at a concert.

"Bill's reaction was so bad. As a man, he felt like I don't take it seriously, but he finally understood."