Stivo Simple Boy’s manager not exploiting him

He was accused of paying Simple Boy Sh2,000 instead of Sh70,000

In Summary

• He had been accused of paying Stivo Sh2,000 instead of Sh70,000

Chipukeezy and Stivo Simple Boy
Chipukeezy and Stivo Simple Boy

Singer Stivo Simple Boy has denied he is being exploited by his management.

The Kibera-based singer says he has good relations with his manager.

"I was surprised to see those allegations on Twitter. They are not true as I have never been exploited by my manager," he said.

"The person who started that conversation must be trying to chase clout with my name."

Screenshots shared on social media claimed Stivo Simple Boy's manager was paying him Sh2,000 instead of Sh70,000.

The report also indicated Stivo Simple Boy does not live in a good house despite his position in society as a music star.

"I have been told he still lives in a muddy house in Kibera and sometimes he struggles to pay his rent," the viral message said.