Amira divorcing Jamal over birthday wishes to Amber Ray

She cited disrespect after he feted socialite's day but not son's

In Summary

• Amira was angry that Jamal could not post about his son on his birthday

Amber Ray and Amira
Amber Ray and Amira
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Amira is divorcing her husband Nairobi matatu boss Jamal Rohosafi for disrespecting her on various occasions.

Amira reacted angrily to Jamal's birthday message to Amber Ray, whom he dated before breaking up.

Shortly after, Jamal sent Amber best wishes on her birthday yesterday, Amira announced that she is officially a single mother.

The mother of two told Jamal to prepare divorce papers, adding that she would not let him disrespect her for a second time. "As from today, kindly consider me a single mum. Jamal Rohosafi, get that divorce paper ready. I am not going to allow you to disrespect me again."

Jamal shared a slideshow with lovely photos of the socialite who turned 30 years old, captioning it: "Happy birthday, have a great celebration today, Amber Ray."

Amber responded to Jamal’s birthday wishes by expressing gratitude.

"Do what you wanna, be what you wanna, forgive and let the karma favourite lyrics. Thank you, chairman."

Amira was angry that Jamal could not post about his son on his birthday.

"The audacity. You couldn't even post your son on his birthday," she said.

Amber Ray publicly split from Jamal months ago after a controversial relationship that saw the socialite trade insults with his wife.

Speaking to Word Is at the time, Jamal said his wife had forgiven him. Jamal said he has gone back to his first wife.

"Everything is in order with my first wife," he said.

"Amber and I no longer visit each other, just chat on WhatsApp and calls, but purely business. My wife forgave me.

"Amira has a good soul. She has been in my life since I was in Form 2, and so I think she would not have wanted to end our marriage."

Jamal said he broke up with Amber due to various reasons.

"It was not clout. We got married in the Islamic way, and so the divorce process takes time," he said.

"Kuna talaka ya kwanza, ya pili, ya tatu. I parted ways with her. Yea nikama nimempa talaka."We talk but there is no relationship between me and her. She was my wife and I used to get everything and I was doing everything for her. Sometimes someone can take a break."