Who, me? Omondi baffled by Maribe deadbeat claim

He laughed when asked the last time he paid school fees

In Summary

• Maribe accused the comedian of leaving her to raise their seven-year-old child alone

Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi
Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi
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Comedian Eric Omondi has denied claims he is a deadbeat dad to his son with TV journalist Jacque Maribe.

Maribe accused the self-proclaimed president of comedy of leaving her to raise their seven-year-old child alone.

Jacque claimed he was a deadbeat dad and not in touch with their child.

In a call while in an interview, Maribe asked Eric to state whether he knows where his son lives, to which he replied Kileleshwa. However, she corrected him that they had moved to Gigiri.

"Where does your child live Eric? When is the last time you saw him?"

Jacque said he had called to show people that they were on talking terms yet he did not take care of his child.

"When was the last time you paid school fees?" Jacque asked several times during the phone call, but Eric kept laughing.

Maribe had commented on a post insinuating he has not been taking care of his seven-year-old son.

"So, all said and done, and you can read in between the lines if you want, I'm hopelessly in love with motherhood. And as a single mum doing everything on her own, my goal is to raise a brilliant person, as he already is."

Speaking to Word Is, Eric was asked whether he pays child support, to which he said it is public knowledge. 

"You have even done a story about that. Have you seen me posting anything on my Instagram? Call her and ask what she means," he said. 

"The person who has been in school is the one who is supposed to be interviewed. Why are you giving me an exam yet I have not been in school?

"I will never assume anything. I still do not know who she is talking about that is not supporting her child. I will only respond when she mentions my name."

Eric added that the two had met on Sunday.

"If you read my stories with Jacque Maribe, you will realise they are positive ones. We even share our happy moments. I don't know where this story is coming from. I have to call her to understand who she is talking about. She has not mentioned me in the posts."

Eric Omondi recently claimed on Instagram that another woman was expecting his child and promised to take up the responsibility of raising the child.

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