Brendah Jons sorry after revealing her lesbian lover

She found out within hours that her girlfriend had cheated on her

In Summary

• The 'Plesdent Kingston' star came out on social media and unveiled her girlfriend

• She has since apologised for 'tarnishing' names and taken a break from social media

Content creator Brendah Jons
Content creator Brendah Jons
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Content creator Brenda Jons has apologised to her fans and anyone she dragged into the revelation she is gay

Jons, famed for her 'Plesdent Kingston' clip, trended over the weekend after coming out on social media.

She went on a live video on Instagram to explain her orientation to fans on Saturday and within hours, she said she found out that her girlfriend had cheated on her.

In a series of videos on her Instagram stories, the content creator highlighted that the news of cheating allegations had hit her hard.

She went on to name the 'other woman' in her nine-month relationship as one of her friends who is a celebrity hairstylist.

Brendah also unveiled @phy_lamar as her girlfriend, adding that they had already moved in together and that they are enjoying their relationship something she said her mum is aware of. 

In a statement, the content creator updated her fans through an Instagram statement that she had chosen to take a break from social media to deal with her struggles 'in a mature way'.

"I know you all didn't deserve all these. It was not necessary to go live and even involve you in all this drama of my life. I should have dealt with this privately but I didn't, so I'm gonna have to live with that."

She then apologised to all her followers and the people she had mentioned on her social media.

"I apologise to everyone, and I mean everyone, ata wale walinikosea, for publicly tarnishing their names. Yes, they were wrong, but hii yote wasn't really mature of me. So poleni nyote."

Jons said she is going through a lot and that she would be okay.

"I am going on a healthy break. I need it to heal and work on myself. I can be toxic, too, so I need to work on that as well. Bye for now!"

She thanked all who reached out to her with messages of love.

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