Nyashinski and wife: Help us fund surgery

They need Sh10 million for sister's bone marrow transplant

In Summary

• Janet needs specialised treatment abroad for severe aplastic anaemia

Janet medical appeal
Janet medical appeal

Nyashinski and his wife Zia Bett are appealing to Kenyans to help them raise Sh10 million for their sister Janet Bett.

Janet needs specialised treatment abroad after she was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder known as severe aplastic anaemia.

In a post shared on social media, Zia said the treatment will take place four to six months before she comes back home.

"It's a life-threatening condition where the bone marrow stops producing enough blood for the body," she said.

"The doctors have recommended a bone marrow transplant as the best treatment for this condition."

The procedure is not available in Kenya.

"We are appealing for funds as her family and friends to help get her the treatment she urgently needs."

Nyashinski shared a similar post on his Instagram page.