Artistes to MCSK: Stick to term limit

Rule change affected regional directors due to retire after third AGM

In Summary

• Artistes say some of their leaders illegally changed the royalty collector's rules

A group of artists demonstrating against MCSK/file
A group of artists demonstrating against MCSK/file

Artistes have filed a legal complaint against the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, one of three royalty distributors.

In a letter shared on various artiste WhatsApp groups, they complain that some leaders of the MCSK "illegally amended the MCSK Article of Association".

"Our clients are hereby requesting your office to intervene and compel MCSK directors to invoke the provision... that all regional directors elected shall retire after the third AGM."

The current MCSK board of directors was elected in November 2018. All the CMO's elections were scheduled for today.

Kecobo says directors from all CMOs cannot serve more than two terms.

This new controversy comes in the wake of the government revoking the licences of royalty distributors over administrative and transparency issues. Kamp and Prisk are the others affected.