Corazon did not plan for second pregnancy

It took her eight months to fully heal the last time she gave birth

In Summary

• She said she didn't have many fond memories of the procedure

Corazon with Frankie
Corazon with Frankie

Corazon Kwamboka had not planned to get pregnant for the second time with Frankie.  

In a Q and A session, fans asked if Corazon planned for the pregnancy, and the type of contraceptive she used to space her two children. 

"No, but I was excited when I learnt about it," she said.

Corazon said she did not use any contraceptives.  

"I thought ignorantly that breastfeeding was enough contraceptive."

Corazon didn't enjoy giving birth to her first baby via C-section. It took her eight months to fully heal.

"The worst, kwanza after two weeks when the pain meds are finished. And the back pain and the headaches? I don't understand people who decide to choose CS. 'Ati to avoid spoiling their vagina'. What nonsense!"

Corazon said she wouldn't wish a CS on anyone.