Lilian Muli: Men lie they’re not married

She says women wind up in affairs after trusting too easily

In Summary

• The media personality dated a man who used to ghost her then re-appear in her life

• She says her ex used her fame for personal gain, advised fellow women to be careful

Lilian Muli
Lilian Muli
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Citizen TV anchor Lilian Muli says it is easy for women to date married men without knowing since they keep saying they separated. 

"Trusting too easily is not right as well as being over available," she said in a YouTube interview with Muthoni Mukiri.

"Your partner will get used to you and it might be an issue."

She shared her experience dating a man who was dodgy. 

"They ghost you, you can't call them but they can call you whenever they want? I like to have a friend before a lover."

Lilian said trusting too much and too soon has left her in too much trouble. "I have a habit of: If you are in my life, it's all about you."

The anchor said she detests lies and so she speaks her truth.

"Something I have done wrong is talking too much about personal details about my life with someone you think you trust," she said.

"There are some personal details I think you should protect, especially when you have red flags."

She said one of her exes used her fame to gain.

"Most of you know him, he would publicly display me out there coz they know what they are getting from that," she said.

"At first, I thought this person liked being pictured with me in public places because they liked and maybe they were proud of me, but eventually, I found out it was adding to his benefits for one or two reasons," she said.

"He always advertising me out there. Alikua tu ananianika huko nje."

Lilian Muli has been in two public relationships before they ended: with her ex-husband Moses Kanene and Shaban FC chairman Jared Nevaton

She advised young girls who are new in the industry, saying fame comes with a price.