How Chipukeezy got himself Nacada job

He texted UhuRuto after campaigns, sought and got appointed

In Summary

• Chipukeezy denied being connected by Jaguar, saying it is Ruto who played a big part


Comedian Vincent Mwasya, alias Chipukeezy, says he job-hunted for the role of Nacada board vice chair by himself.

Speaking to Word Is during the launch of the Chipukeezy Foundation in Tala, Machakos county, Chipukeezy said he did not get the job through Starehe MP Jaguar.

"It is wrong to look at people that way. Things don't come easy like that, and I don't think the President could listen to him in that way," he said.

"I left this village to go and look for money in Nairobi. I hustled and even realised that people were different. There were those who hire those they sleep with or those they go for dinner with. I was famous but very broke."

He said he wanted to be given a microphone to express himself as a young comedian.

"I used to attend the UhuRuto campaigns without pay and ask for the mic until I got a chance to talk to them," he said.

"After they got to the government, one year later, while working for TV, I texted the DP William Ruto and our President Uhuru. I introduced myself and asked to talk to them. The DP responded and gave me an appointment."

Chipukeezy said he went to DP Ruto's office and told him he wanted a job.

"He asked me which job and I said, 'The one you had given Jaguar'. I said I would use talent and change young people through my huge following on my social media.

"He told me he would talk to the boss. Two weeks later, I was called by the President's PA, Jomo Gecaga.

"He asked me a few questions and a few days later, my mum called me, saying she had seen my name in the gazette notice."

Chipukeezy rose to popularity after performing in the coveted stand-up comedy show Churchill Live, where he entertained Kenyans alongside other top comics.

He has since spearheaded his own projects, such as The Chipukeezy Foundation, The Funny Truth and The Chipukeezy Show.