Amos and Josh lost focus after their musical split

It was a confusing time for them as they were used to singing in church

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• The two participated in Tusker Project Fame reality show in 2013

Amos and Josh
Amos and Josh
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Tusker Project Fame duo Amos and Josh say they lost focus in their music after they split.

The two participated in Tusker Project fame in 2013.

Speaking during an interview with Bonga na Jalas, the duo said their comeback will be explosive as they have their vision and energy back. "We have always wanted to come back, but the question has always been when," Josh said. 

"It's about that time to look out for good stuff. Since we got the dream back, the energy is definitely as it was was or even bigger."

They said they had been advised to decide whether they were gospel or secular.

"The people felt like we were in between, we just wanted to do music as we are church boys. We were pumped with a lot of stuff and I was ready for showbiz and I looked for crazy business and scandals."

Amos said he reached a point he was not comfortable with that stuff.

"When you are not comfortable, your energy and how you give yourself to something drops. We amicably decided to part."

He added that the breakup hurt them in many ways given there were many business opportunities they missed out on.

"There are moves we could have made when things were hot. So many things were happening and we could have ventured into. The break hurt us," he said.

"People follow you and when you stop they divert their attention to something else. When you come back people are not sure if you will be consistent."

Josh said it was a very confusing time for them as they were used to singing in church. "Now you are in the industry and there are so many demands. Our mistake was 'leaving ' the gospel, it was our grounding," he said.

"The blunder I did was I got so much into the 'net'."

In a past interview, Josh said the other reason they completely separated was after their mentor music producer Bruce Odhiambo died.