Why you shouldn’t give up on church

Disillusioned youth don’t know what they are missing

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• In church, God connects you with a divine helper who guides you past your struggles

A woman dances in church
A woman dances in church

For some time now, I have observed an increasing disdain for the church among young Kenyans in my age bracket. As someone who has reaped the benefits of attending church services regularly, this saddens me because people who hold such sentiments are missing out on a lot. 

Granted, some of these negative perceptions may be borne out of past unpleasant experiences with certain men and women of God. However, there are many more Bible-guided churches, which endeavour to lead their congregants towards the right path to the kingdom of heaven. 

One of the benefits I have reaped from attending my church is help dealing with spiritual and psychological challenges. It has been often said a church is akin to a hospital where those who are unwell get healing.

Each one of us struggles with a habit and it is impossible to get healing when you constantly lock yourself in the house on Sundays or wake up with a hangover. In church, God connects you with a divine helper, who will guide you through the journey to rid yourself of these spiritual, psychological and emotional burdens. 

Usually, these divine helpers are people who have been down the same road and know better how to deal with your struggles. For example, God would usually connect a struggling porn addict with someone who has gone through the same and recovered. Because of this, your helper is more likely to help you out without judging or hating you. 

A church is a meeting point with your Maker and a chance to enjoy His presence, undistracted, after a busy week. It is the location of God’s altar, where spiritual transactions occur in the form of prayers, fasting, praise and worship and giving. 

Next time you are apprehensive about going to church, be assured by Jesus’ words that “Come unto me all who are weary, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

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Edited by T Jalio

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