Hardships made Burale attempt suicide thrice

He once ate toothpaste for dinner, now keen on wife after last one lasted a year

In Summary

• Life was hard and he thought the only way out was to take his own life

Pastor Robert Burale
Pastor Robert Burale
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Motivational speaker and preacher Robert Burale has attempted to commit suicide thrice.

In an interview with Churchill Show, Burale narrated that his first attempt was when he was studying in the UK and twice after he was back in Kenya.

"Life was hard and I could not even afford three meals a day," he said.

He thought the only way out was suicide. 

"I didn’t have suicidal thoughts, I tried committing suicide. It is different, many people are having suicidal thoughts," he said.

Burale said he ate toothpaste for dinner and not for hygiene purposes. 

"Sometimes when God wants you to go through a season, he will block all the help. I thank God many people ran away from me, but I thank God it built me to the man I am today."

Since Burale knows life can bounce on anyone, no one can come to him while hungry and he denies them something to eat.

"I know hunger can make a grown man cry, and that's why we saw in the reports the other day, 483 people committing suicide in three months," he said.

"That’s close to three people a day, and these are the things when you seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. You just feel like if you gonna move, you gonna collapse, and that’s why people are getting into depression and suicidal thoughts."

During the interview, Burale said he is ready to get married again and end his nine-year dry spell.

"Do I intend to get married? Yes, 1,050 per cent. I'm a Luhya man, I don't have the grace to be single. Keep your eyes open, keep your ears on the ground. You just never know," he said. 

"To be honest with you and that's why I'm saying, when I remarry, I'll revenge everywhere in every way in the boardroom and bedroom. Marriage is a good and godly idea, and there are some things you have to enjoy in life. In heaven, we'll just be worshipping with the 24 elders."

Burale said his first marriage lasted one year and two days.

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